28 September 2012

Coastal 2 framed

As you can see this post was preempted by the "hanging the show" post. The person who was hanging this month pulled out early and they asked if I could come and hang my show ahead of time. Of course I said yes!!!

and ready to be shipped

                                      Coastal 2                 69" X 69"

                                            Summer Chop        52" X 52"

This was a "save" from the first attempt to recreate Coastal Pollution - the one that came out too light. It was warmer, more summer like hence the name. In the summer we get warm "southerlys" - warm breezes from the south. That is what I am reminded of.

Tonight I hang my one man show in Belfast. The opening reception with wine and cheese (neither of which I consume) will be Oct 5th. Photos will follow.

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