12 September 2012

Fiber Collage 2012

I was back this year at Fiber Collage and this time teaching Soy Wax Batik Silk Scarves. Interestingly enough this is the very class I submitted a proposal for for this year and I didn't get in. Go figure. I taught for the second time for a woman who became sick within one month of the event.
I have to say that these were an amazing bunch of people. There were scarves who color choices I was afraid would not come out well. One of the most spectacular scarves was a red and black scarf that I was very nervous about, color choice-wise. This is what happens when someone steps outside of (my) comfort zone in color choices and really dazzles me.

                                 This is good enough to eat. I LOVE this
                                This was "Bright" Susan. I love vivid colors

                                             Another great vivid one
This scarf was in process -was partially done and with an interesting application of strips. Outside my comfort zone but what an outcome. I wish I had taken a photo of this finished - very multi-dimensional and textured.
                             This one was drying on the line. Great marks.
 I would never have sections of a scarf in blues and pinks and others in yellows and greens but look at this fabulous piece.
 Talk about yummy. In person you can really see the visual texture of the green paint on the yellow bands. a real knockout.
                                        More multi-colors. Just wonderful.
This was in process. Much more was done and it came out the most amazing assortment of beige and golden coppery colors. Another amazing piece.

I MUST thank Marcella who "lent me a hand" (a.k.a. Did all of the real hard work) mixing paints for the participants and running around solving problems. I NEVER could have done it without her. Thanks you a million times Marcella.

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