27 September 2012

Hanging my first one man show

The Co-op        Belfast, Maine 

Standing Stones


5 pieces from the ERIC series
l. to r.  Eric Developing,  Eric 1,  Deja Vu,  Eric Sparkles,  Eric Kindness

 Crow with Pine, Crow with Gingko and Summer Chop
I couldn't resist this view from outside. I was returning to my car, it was late and the Coop was just about to close and I was a bit surprised how I felt - excited and with a real sense of accomplishment. I also felt good that my work was finally being "exposed" to the world. 

Next week (Oct 5th) at the official "Opening" with wine and cheese, I will take some more pictures. They also want me to talk about my work.


  1. Wheeee!!!!

    It looks amazeballs! Thank you so much for sharing it with us - although I love seeing your pieces on the blog, to get some perspective on size and how they work together as part of one artists' mind really offers insight.

    Can't wait to see the pics of the opening - and if I win the lottery this Friday, I'll be down for your artist talk.


  2. Beth, I know that feeling you talk about. There is a buzz that comes from all the hard work you have done, but nothing prepares you for the feel of a one woman show!
    Congratulations! You have earned it!

  3. Congratulations! Something to be proud of.Lots of succes!

  4. wow, a one-woman exhibition. Who would not? I hope that you get many visitors

  5. Congratulations on your exhibition! Looks nice. I hope you 'll get many visitors.

  6. What a unique opportunity to see your work together on the wall! Cheers to you, wishing you a good show!!

  7. That looks amazing. Well done Beth!

  8. Congratulations on your show. Your work is beautiful.


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