20 September 2012

Maggie's Memorial Quilt

My friend Betsey had a memorial service for her dog, Maggie, who was well loved by many many people. The event was lovely and tearful but very satisfying. I am in the process of making her a memorial quilt. I will have a follow-up of this piece finished later as well as Coastal 2 finished and ready for shipment to it's new home in the Philadelphia area.


  1. Oh Beth, that is LOVELY.

    How have you done it? Painted, photo/transfer...? Inquiring minds wish to know!

    Whatever you did, I love it!

  2. Same questions as everyone else. Fabulous work but how???

  3. I think I answered all of you personally but the answer is I digitally tweaked a photo of Maggie on photoshop and printed it 13 X 17 on my wide format printer. Not one stitch so it's not a quilt or original art. It was a wonderful tribute to a great dog who certainly lived life on her terms.


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