02 June 2020

I disappeared for a while

Over the past two weeks I made 88 masks and 38 scrub caps for my dentist. It kept me busy for two weeks and 4 books on MP3. I sort of fell off the face of the earth and didn't even have time to keep up with my online (very expensive) art classes which are now over. I will go back and go over the material when I regain my footing. 

I have been so busy, out straight, as we say in Maine that being in isolation hasn't affected me at all. Meanwhile the grass has finally started growing and some trees still haven,'t gotten their leaves out yet. Even spring seems to have been on lockdown and weeks behind schedule.

This was a fun project I tried using box board to cut a shape for making a rubbing with a graphite stick on thin paper.

This was pretty heavy paper so I tried another on tracing paper

I cut two different leaves two kinds of acorns. This was actually a design on an appliqued quilt that I stole.


  1. Really lovely sketches, Beth! And congrats on all that mask and scrub caps, it really does make the time pass, doesn't it?
    Our spring warmed up early this year, bringing all the trees back to green very quickly. Now I hope they can get through
    June, our hottest month, without withering. Monsoon rains usually come by mid-July, so I may have to do some bucket watering
    here and there... we'll see.

    1. Our leaves aren't even all out yet and some are tiny baby leaves. We also haven't had much rain but we are prety water rich compared to the west!! Well, here's to summer!!

  2. Very cool effects and images. Bravo for the service you did/do in the world!


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