26 June 2020

Re-arranging the rail fence part 2

Well, I fell so deeply in love with this fabric that I wanted to make a blouse as well so I dyed yet a third batch using the same colors...well almost. I had about half the blue but made up new cups of grape and chartreuse. I used it full strength and the colors came out garrish.

Looked good in the box but even I can see the lack of blue

OMG! What a disaster!! I almost never over dye because it just goes from bad to worse. In this case how much worse REALLY could this look. 

This is so hard for me to even look at

I mixed up a liter of water with one tiny teaspoon of blue. I forgot blue has a huge appetite.

 VERY pleased with the results though. Look at that beautiful figuring!!!!!

Above are the overdyed skylight covers drying and below on the skylights

Big difference on the skylight covers. Now they look like a freny forrest 


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