19 June 2020


My friend Jean came over and brought somew pieces she started last MidSummer Maine plus some woven paper vessels. VERY cool.

This was made with long strips of paste paper

This was woven from an old map painted in matte medium.  

The day after I took these photos she emailed with this bowl made from scraps from Marcella.


  1. What beautiful work she does! I'm enthralled with her stitched squares... and what a great way to use the paste paper strips!
    The bowl is lovely... I will have to look back at your posts from last year's Midsummer Maine event, I have forgotten all the things
    you did.

    1. I had to cancel this year but the same people were coming. We'll have to wait until next year!! Jean lives about a half hour away in the opposite direction as Marcella who is also a half hour away. We play well together. Wait til you see the next play date I've arranged!!

  2. The embroidered pieces are so unique and personal...lovely. Very cool vessels!
    Does Jean make those bowls and sell them at the Belfast Craft Show every summer?
    Didn't I hear you say last year that it was your last year of giving workshops?

    1. I don't think Jean sells these plus she lives in Blue hill, not around here. YES, no more workshops except MidSummer Maine which was postponed from this past weekend until next summer solstice. Jean. Marcella and I all practice social distancing and wear masks.

  3. I hope you'll ask Jean if she sells her bowls. They look similiar to the ones I saw (and I own one too).


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