22 June 2020

Re-arranging the rail fence

It was SO hot the last few days and I was looking for a cool, simple summer project to work on. As I was walking through the apartment, I noticed this small quilt I made many years ago called re-arranging the rail fence. It was on DMTV, now called Design Matters Arts and Crafts school. This was the one I originally made which came out very pale.  

I tore a piece of fabric 45 X 90 inches and soaked it in water. After squeezing it as dry as I could, I arranged it in a plastic bin approximately 16 X 24. I pulled it into the bin so that it was scrunched but in as flat a layer as possible.

I mixed up  dye solution 1 T in a cup of water in grape, intense blue and chartreuse

I applied it to the cloth 1/4 c solution to a cup of water. It came out a bit pale.

90 wide 45 high  washed and ironed

Today I decided to dye another 45 X 90 and use the dye solution full strength

This batch was bolder although it looks lighter than in reality in the photos

Second dyeing above and first dyeing below. Now I have 90 X 90 although a lot will be lost in cutting and seam allowances.

I hope you will sew along with me. This is a cool, easy, fun summer project that you can work on when you want to and at your own pace. The full workshop on dyeing the fabric (easy peasy) and the actual making of the Re-Arranged Rail Fence is right here on Design Matters Arts and Craft School for only 6 BPS or $7.61. There are also other projects in this selection of workshops. I'm hoping you will work along with me and send me your photos so I can put them on the blog. Just contact me using the contact form below or email me at: beth dot from dot maine at gmail dot com.


  1. Great, just what I needed to get back into the wet studio! Just laid down some turquoise, grape, and royal blue. I've run out of batik for making masks, and realized I have a bolt of a base fabric very similar, so I'll be substituting some hand-dye. (I'm donating the masks to a local natural foods store, which has them on offer in return for a donation to the local food bank.)

    1. What a great idea. All I had to do was offer one person a mask and I had made 124!! All given free!!

  2. I'm not ready for "wet" arts yet, dyeing, but someday! Very luscious, isn't it?

    1. There is an investment of money and space involved


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