18 May 2020

Spring break creative vacation

I have been working what feels like full time on my art workshop and this is our Spring Break. I'm sure things had been planned before the Corona virus hit but despite causing cancellations I have planned a relaxing creative week.

First up has been sketchbook creation. Now this isn't your usual blank page sketchbook. This is similar to two I made a few years ago with marks inside made before construction. There is a FIVE part workshop selection on DMTV with step by step instructions for this and other books. It was only 7.5 GBP or $9.33 for all five workshops.

First step was my tiding my workshop which included using soapy water and a putty knife to remove the paint from my work table.

Next I took out 2 large sheets of paper to work on. Note to self: next time use 4 sheets for a fatter sketchbook.

Below is a sheet of transparent overhead projector film for monoprinting

I used Speedball acrylic printing ink for a quick clean up.

I used a pamphlet stitch for each signature, ran a woven trim I bought in Amsterdam through the thread and glued and also wove my hand dyed thread into the sections in between.

I really think it could have been more pleasing with hard covers and coptic stitch but I wanted to do something different. this time.

Now as I go into each page, I can respond to the marks that are already there. I've done this before and I REALLY enjoyed doing it.


  1. You always find the most delightful things to do, Beth! I look forward to seeing more of your workshop projects!

    1. Thanks Judy. How come with lockdown and retirement I still can't find all the time I want to create???

  2. I'm just so fascinated by the endless flow of your art spirit!!!! Oooh, love the clean workshop! Oooh, love how you keep studying and learning and growing and creating wonders. Rita's Sewing progress : Today, after days of setting things up and laundering fabric, I cut cloth for my first mask, and I threaded my machine. I am as slow as you are speedy! And it's all good....


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