31 March 2020

More on the sister quilt

Not too much to say about these

Just realized that I only had three blocks. Mine look so pathetic compared to my sister. She is certainly the master of precision!!!!

Susan has definitely outdone me. Hum!! Can I think of a good excuse??


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Carmina and very difficult

  2. She's obviously a veteran quilter, but you are also doing those wonderful art projects! It's always good to try other things, but
    we aren't cut out to do everything. I tried and gave up on traditional quilting, and not even the intricate type you've been working
    on... I admire those who excel at it, I'm just not one of them, and it's okay. What's that saying... do what you love? Yeah...

  3. I'm guessing yours are the poofier ones! I like them a lot! I like that the 2 of you have your own touches...

    1. mine were only the top 3. This is like REAL work.


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