27 March 2020

New scissors

The General Purposes Scissors are a decades-old pattern, cut from a batch of recovered blanks in 2020 by Ernest Wright. This is a blurb from Ernest Wright, the master scissor makers.

Here's some more back-story on our 6.5” general household scissors.
These particular scissors have been made from a treasure trove of discarded blanks, which was found at our workshop.
It turns out the blanks came from Lilleyman's, the last traditional forger of scissors and shears in Sheffield. The Kutrite and Ernest Wright works had a batch of around 8,000 pairs forged in the late 1980s – and the 300 blanks we found had remained here, untouched, since then.
The quality of the blanks is very high, so we decided to turn them into a limited edition general-purpose scissor, now available at our website.
These scissors have Sheffield running right through them, from being forged at Lilleyman's in the 1980s to their completion at the Ernest Wright workshop in the present day. Even the metal they're made from chimes with this city: hot drop forged Sheffield stainless steel.

I am so thrilled with these and as they say in Maine, "they are shap".


  1. Oooooh how lovely! Quite jealous. Sheffield so famous for it's steel industry - now mostly gone. much love to you all x

    1. They are the only handmade scissor makers in the world. They have shut down for a while but they have plenty of stock to ship. I have 3 pairs.

  2. Scissors with a colorful history!!


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