06 March 2020

70 page concertina sketchbook side one finished

The 70 page concertina sketchbook closed after finishing one side (35 pages)


Book flipped over with 35 more clean white pages to work in.

First 8 page spread with first layer of marks using 7 different materials

Spread finished using about 10 more products

click on link

Scraped paint
first layer on second 8 page spread

Click on link at the bottom for a view of the entire first layer

Instead of washing all the unused paint away, I applied it to newspaper and an open spread in my daily sketchbook

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  1. This is gorgeous! I can just see it spread open in an exhibit!

    1. Even I have to admit it's gorgeous and this is the path that has brought me to abstract art.

  2. Your work is great, the concertinas are fantastic, I love very much.

    1. Me too Carmina. We will be doing this at the MidSummer Maine workshop this summer. I wish you could be there.

  3. Lots of layers and variety! A minimalist you are not!


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