02 March 2020


I have been doing a lot of work in my sketchbooks and I need "stuff" to create collages. I printed 35 solid sheets of various color to use at "material" for making these collages. I also made 45 monoprints to use as well.

I think the curlicues above are the foundation of this page. 

I was testing new paint pens in the above


  1. That loooks fun! Great contrast with the line and little colour bits. Like the written quilt I posted on Instagram in Cirencester by Sara Impey. Has a strong impact.

  2. It was fun and was made for "supplies"

  3. My last post was about a drawing lesson on making marks...So satisfying. Van Goh's drawings were always an inspiration for me in terms of graphic marks. Oh, and Rembrandt!!! Your energetic spirit comes through in these.

    1. Van Gogh is certainly one of my faves

  4. This is a very interesting idea, I like it...


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