26 August 2018

While in Wales

A while ago, Laura and Amelie Kemshall did a "pottery painting" day together as an activity. While I was in Wales with my family, my DIL planned a trip to the Corris Craft Center. You could paint pottery, make hand dipped candles, make custom chocolate bars and more. All I cared about was the pottery. I had been inspired. So here I am sitting in a tiny kids chair surrounded by kids (did I care - NO!) painting away on my tiny plate. Well one plate lead to a cup/bowl and then another plate. Had I stayed, I would have an entire set of dishes.

Here they are with the glaze paints

Plates the same, cup reversed to see other side

On my porch when I arrived home

Though not as beautiful and artistic as Laura's, I still love them.

Finger print signature

If you visit Corris, make sure you go to Quarry Pottery and get inspired.


  1. I love 'em! What a nice memento of your trip! I have seen shops here that allow you to paint mugs & other things... never thought to give it a try, but now it looks like fun!

  2. Beautiful,Beth! Maybe a new line for you?

  3. What fun, Beth!! Love these! Of course they're not like Laura's...these, clearly, are YOURS!! Impossible to quiet your voice. (And why would you want to?) ;)


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