13 August 2018

Tiny observation journal

I am going to the UK August 6-23. I WAS going to go to Festival of Quilts to see Laura and Linda's exhibition. Now that it is cancelled due to health, I have scraped all my plans. I am still going but will spend the two weeks traveling to Wales, around the England and Scotland with my son, Russ, daughter in law, Fiona, and my two grandsons. We will be making many stops for the boys and I will use that time to make "observations". In my tiny journal I will be documenting, sights, sounds, tastes, snatches of random conversations as well as documenting with camera all sort of interesting and textural things. 
A friend came over today and it was a perfect time to make journals together. This will be strictly for written observations and it will include an envelope for ephemera, odd bits of paper, leaves and whatever captures my magpie eye.

Mine above and my friend, Debs, below. What fun we had!!


  1. Beautiful journals... hope you are having a wonderful time and that you do lots of journal writing about your trip.

  2. Of course, you know, I love it!! When you get back, can I come over to play at your house! Coninue your marvelous adventure & travels!


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