18 August 2018

A few more things

Before I left I took these Windsor Newton half pans out of one container and placed them in this tiny plastic box which I got when I bought picture hooks and brads at the dollar store. MUCH smaller and easier to slip in my back pack.

Also the Art Greenhouse where I hold my workshops was sided in white and my brother painted the trim. We also had this custom green blended for the porch floor. It blends so well with the grass and weeds.

Even though it is no longer green, it is still a Greenhouse because we grow art there.

This is a dog poo bag holder I Velcro on to my leash. The strap across the center attaches to the leash handle and the large flap can be lifted to load the rolls of bags which come out the hole at the bottom.

The purple batik is a small flap/pocket that holds dog treat for all my good dogs. It Velcos closed.

Below is a peak in the "treat pocket". I had to make a new poo bag holder because someone who shall go unnamed got a hold of the old one and ripped it apart to get the treats. BAD DOG!!


  1. You are so clever (the poo bag, the color holder)! And the green house looks very fresh and new with its new siding and painted porch floor. That looks like such a wonderful place to create, and I love seeing pix of your classes there! Have a safe trip back from UK... hope it's been a great trip for you!

  2. I love your Greenhouse!!!!

  3. Ingenious, pretty doggie bag! Lovely green house, and I know how much fun it is inside!

  4. Oh, and I am such a fan of little plastic boxes for traveling watercolors! I have several, but finally settled on a fave...

    1. This box turned out to be too shallow!!


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