06 August 2018

Water Jar

My neighbor had a fourth of July yard sale and look what I found. I have been looking for a heavy glass jar to wash my brushes out and the blue green colored glass was a bonus.

My friend Rita whom I've written about gave me a pen cleaning demonstration so I washed out my fountain pens and posed them with my jar.

This is a quickie sketch of my new jar and clean pens.

Two Lamy's and a Duke flex nib.

I am leaving for my trip to the UK today. I was going to go to Festival of Quilts to see Laura and Linda Kemshall big exhibition but now that it's cancelled I won't be going there just traveling around Cornwall, Yorkshire, Wales and Scotland for two weeks. Meanwhile I have scheduled posts so you won't even know I'm missing!!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Have a great trip, Beth! If you have time in Yorkshire, you might stop by Fountains Abbey--very beautiful ruins of a medieval monastic community.

  2. Oooooooh!! Blue green glass!!!!!! And fountain pens!!!!!! When you get back can I try your Duke? I now have 4 LAMY's. My latest is a beautiful tone of magenta pink!!! With pink ink!!!!! I'll bet you are having quite an adventure.
    ~Your friend, Rita.


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