11 August 2018

Before I left

When I carry my handbag I have a mobile phone pocket so I have never needed a case. Now that I am traveling without a handbag I do need some sort of protection. I decided to look on my shelves for something soft and found a basket of nuno felted squares and scraps. These are wool felted with silk chiffon.

I sewed two together then added a pointy scrap to act as a flap

As you can see by the stitching on the flap I also added Velcro to keep it closed.

Then I placed this button, which was a gift from my friend Rita, on the flap to see how it looked.

Purple and Green. I like it. Now to tie it on.

Hand dyed pearl cotton with purple glass beads. I'm ready to roll.

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  1. Clever girl! You always find just the right materials to use, and the result is always unique! As for traveling without a handbag, how on earth do you do that? I could leave my phone home and not miss it, but the handbag would be really missed! Are you using a backpack?

  2. I always love your little pouches! You are inventive and fun! I hope you are having a wonderful time!


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