03 April 2018

OK, last time

I went to the store to buy James some toys. Neither of my other dogs ever played with toys so I've never had any. They wanted between $5.99 and $7.99 for a little dinky toy most of which were really too big for James. I found a Spider cat toy for $1.50 and bought that. I cut off the spiders legs and removed the bell.

Then I figured I could make him a few things to play with even though they weren't representational so I started with a "ball" made from a scrap of old T-shirt material.

Then I made a rectangle and put the bell in the center of the polyfill.

Acrylic felt

Then I spotted a scrap of sweatshirt material I had trimmed off and made a triangle.

I think he liked them.


  1. For my dog I buy Teddy bears by the second hand shop. She loves them.

  2. That's a great idea. This little guy (5 kilos) wouldn't be able to carry a teddy bear (smile)

  3. That's so great, ingenious, James has original artisan toys!! Cute he is!

  4. Thanks Rita. He loves them.


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