20 April 2018

Something different

Many years ago I took an upholstery course in Adult Ed. I loved refinished antique furniture and upholstering old pieces. Those days are long gone but I found myself with a project. I go to a meeting in a church that has this huge weird chair. It never had a back cushion. It is HUGE and finally the chince fabric tore. This chair gets hard duty with possible coffee spills and sometime visiting dogs with dirty paws. I picked out this fabric because it matched the wood, was subdued, and was busy enough to hide dirt.

Cushion safety pinned with a table cloth

Fiber fill to create the missing back cushion

Cutting out the pieces made with a paper pattern I made.

As you can see I still have to cover the springs on the bottom of the seat. Meanwhile, we can sit in comfort.

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  1. You rock! My mom used to do things like that... way over my pay grade!

    1. Thanks Judy. I am used to doing tufted velvet settees so this was easy but it would have been WAY better if I had had an existing back cushion.

  2. It became a very special chair.

    1. Thanks Joke. The people who sit in it are happy to have a back pillow!!


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