30 March 2018

At least it involves sewing

OK, please indulge me and my fascination with the new puppy. He is up from Louisiana and #1 has never felt COLD (like 7 with 30 mph winds) and #2 he has no coat. He has Phyllis Diller hair. I walk at 4 am every morning and it is COLD so I decided to make him a little coat out of the sleeve of my partner, Brian's, sweatshirt. The knit cuff was too tight and long so I trimmed it right at the cuff seam keeping the sweatshirt fabric from stretching. Then I split the sleeve up the long seam. I had some olive green bias tape left from the Magpie quilt so I bound the raw edges

Binding the edges

You can see the cuff seam keeping the fabric from stretching and the arm seam open and bound

He wears a harness so I made a sloppy bound button hole for the ring to pass through


Doesn't he look like a little race horse in that coat?

Owen Approves


  1. How sweet! I'm sure he appreciates the protection from the cold!

    1. You have no idea!!!!! He wore it today in the rain. I think I need to make another to allow for "drying time"!!

  2. I think Owen wants one, too.
    So stinking cute - both of them!

    1. Actually Owen has one in fleece. Oscar would fit in perfectly this this hairy gang!!

  3. One lucky puppy! Stylin' in the rain and cold!

  4. Replies
    1. He is such a dear. Unfortunately he contracted Heartworm in Louisiana and has four months of treatments ahead. What a cute little thing!!!


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