06 April 2018

Festival of Quilts UK

My son and his family live in Malta. I wanted to visit them but not in Malta. We decided I would pick a place and they would meet me for a visit so I picked the UK during Festival of Quilts. I'm sure you've already grown tried of me talking on and on about the Kemshalls. Well, this year Linda and Laura will be featured artists. After I booked my tickets, my son mentioned they will be in Bali during my visit to the UK.
So far I have booked a B&B in Stansted for my arrival and departure and in Birmingham for Festival of Quilts. Now I need to find where I will spend the rest of the two week trip. I'd love to go to Edinborough (Edinburgh), Wales by the sea and Yorkshire. I'll let you know how my plans are developing. Other than Festival of Quilts and meeting the Kemshalls my objects are to talk/listen to people, visit art museums and sketch and paint.

My son bought me a great backpack which may be a tad big as I am a thrifty packer but we will see. I am really looking forward to this adventure and I will be blogging about it as well.


  1. Please keep us updated. How exciting!

    1. I am so excited too!! I am meeting a woman who I met through my blog and she contributed her work for a blog post. We will be attending F.O.Q. together for two days and sitting in on the lectures by Laura and Linda as well as Nancy Crow who she is interested in seeing.

  2. Thanks Janis. The entire trip is really shaping up and I will be attending the Festival of Quilts with a friend I met on my blog.


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