24 April 2018

Nothing much

These are a few pictures of three book covers I made. One was requested made in burgundy and gold. These are not my favorite colors so I had few fabrics to pick from.

This was one I had made (part of the 120 book covers) that I trimmed down to fit another book. I am betting Miss. Burgundy and Gold will grab this Laural Burch print book cover instead.

This cover is for one of my books but I thought I'd thow it in this post. I really love the fabrics.

When I set up those half pans with Intense Blocks I started trying to cut it but I wasn't successful and had lots of color "crumbs" which I dumped on this spread in my sketchbook then sprayed. I sprayed some more then closed the book to mush the colors up.

And another dog jacket from the same sweatshirt I used before. This time I showcased the graphics. Not really sure where this college is located but it was a great sweatshirt!! 

Thanks for reading,


  1. De dog looks very cute. He looks also very educated ;-)

    1. Good sense of humor. At least he LOOKS educated!!!

  2. Love the polka dot book cover! Love the dog jacket...and the dog!

    1. All three book covers are gone but I still have the dog (hahaha)


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