27 April 2018

GREAT little cloth bucket

This is a tiny cloth bucket I saw on my friend Penny's website. When I saw it I knew it would be perfect for holding spools of thread as I switched them on a project. I put it on my bucket list (see what I did there?) and finally had a chance to make one. I wanted to use my pink spotted fabric and hand dyed olive. The spotted fabric was very robust and I knew the bucket would be great. Thank you Penny. Here is her blog post. The original tutorial for her work is here.

Penny is an amazing artist and has shown her work in a number of shows. Check out her blog. Her adventures in silkscreening and experiments to make them crisp in varying colors ways is worth reading about as well.

Thank you Penny for sharing your work with me.

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  1. Love love love it! So nice that you share her site and instructions with us!

  2. Love your green and pink bucket, Beth! Glad you found my post useful, and thanks for the shout out :-)


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