02 March 2018

IKEA score

I went to the IKEA in Boston for a small storage system to use as a base for my ironing table as well as storage. This system was so tiny flat packed I could have placed it on the passenger seat of my car BUT since I was going anyhow I offered to pick up a ton of bookcases that could become the base for a studio table for an art friend. I got her 2 each of the Kallax 2X4, 2X2, and 2 drawer inserts.

 Picture this on it's side along with the unit below (2 X 6 in all) with parallel units on the other side and a table on top

                                     These drawer inserts go into the cubby.

Now for my purchase. I was going to get a metal frame with 3 baskets as drawers but then I saw the Algot series which is the same but better looking and better quality so I got 9 baskets along with the three frames. This should be a perfect fit for my ironing table. When I got home and assembled them I realized I had gotten the shorter baskets and I needed 12 of them. I have ordered things from IKEA before and the nightmares still haunt me. However I persevered and ordered the three missing baskets with a 99%  confidence that IKEA would yet again screw up my order. Today, and much to my shock and delight, the three baskets arrived in a box about 24X36X4 which is perfect for mailing my work to buyers. Double win. I am now the happy owner of a fabulous ironing table.



  1. Very neat set up. Love the baskets so you can see what is in them. For me Out of site is Out of mind!

  2. Oooooo....can I go with you next time??!!! LOVE! Happiness is organizing my art stuff...

  3. Thanx for sharing this Beth! I really love your ironing table, maybe I copy it in my sewingroom. Think this is a great solution.

    1. Good to hear from you Eke. I really love both the ironing top and the extra storage.


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