20 March 2018

Puppy Love ME (Maine)

We found both of our current dogs through puppyloveme.org and yesterday we got our foster puppy named James. I have made a few quilts for them and posted them here on the blog. They either raffle them or sell them at their annual "Yard Sale" which it is isn't. Supporters from all over Maine come and buy the donated items to benefit this great organization.

Our first Puppy Love rescue, OWEN, now 5 years old

Our second rescue, NIKI, turning two tomorrow

and our newly arriving foster, JAMES.

James before leaving Louisiana

The new threesome

In honor of our newest Puppy Love family member, James, I am making another lap size quilt for the "Yard Sale". A while ago I made a sample quilt called Magpie Sunrise (24 X 32)

Now I want to expand it with various borders making it 48 X 56. I was think of super bright colors and here are a few of my fabric picks.

 I liked my hand dyed green and the black/white fabric. The green and pink with green spots would be half square triangles.

Here the green and purples would be half square triangle but they are all hand dyes and the point is trying to use up donated commercial fabrics. I am still keeping the black/white/grey fabric because it is a great segue.

On the left are some dessert-ish fabrics since Magpies live out west but it just seems dull. I decided to make a separate quilt using all desert-ish fabrics with perhaps a spark here and there of turquoise.

I would love to get input but the truth is that this quilt will be finished by the time this post goes live a month from now. I sure hope it is a winner (fingers crossed).


  1. How is the little guy doing with his big brothers? He looks like part of the clan. So nice that you donate your art, made with love, to the organization...

    1. He's doing great. He is in love with Niki and Owen said he could stay as long as I loved him (Owen) the most (smile).

  2. Sorry, but I don't think that is a foster you have there... He looks way too happy and you will not be able to give him up again. :)

    1. Your right there Rachel. My partner caved within 24 hours so he is ours!!


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