16 March 2018

Maine Coast Surface Design Workshops

I am probably jumping the gun, but Marcella and I have raised our surface design workshop website from the ashes and are advertising them online again. We both just joined "Maine Fiberart" which is predominantly fiber, as in wool, artists. However they have a directory of teachers and workshops throughout Maine and we wanted to be included. I am in the process of adding my current workshops to this site and I have added a new workshop on "Spirit Dolls" for October 6th. This is the Columbus weekend and our town is abuzz with parades and activities so I thought this would be a great time to schedule a workshop.

Meanwhile, Marcella is firming up her plans which will appear on the site as "The Art Incubator" in Rockland, Maine. All of my workshops are under the tab "The Art Greenhouse" in Searsport, Maine. Check it out.


  1. Very kewl! I hope you both have great classes this year... I'd be there if I lived closer!

    1. Thanks Judy. The 1st MidSummer Maine is almost full and we have a few for the second. Also the Maine Event is filling quickly


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