20 September 2017

The Maine Event (in pictures)

The "prequel"

Waiting for everyone to arrive

Here is the room all set up with everything clean and organized - for a while (smile)

Color Theory is the topic this year. I have a color wheel and a few indigo dyed pieces.

The narrow scarf was a "sample" of the acid dye colors available. The Rail Fence quilt is one I made as an idea of what could be made from one of our projects.

Acid Dyeing Central. Yes it's a microwave.

This was a table with measuring cups and spoons, bowls, vinyl gloves and other supplies.


  1. What a great space that is for just what you are using it for! And you have lighting! We have a shed that my hubby uses to store his video collection (which is massive!) but no electricity or windows. Maybe I should get my own shed! Anyway, looking forward to more pix of the Maine event!

  2. Love how you take us on the journey...


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