01 September 2017

Preparing the Art Greenhouse

During the Maine Event we will be using the  Art Greenhouse and my new barn to work in. Each will house separate steps or techniques so we all don't have to be in the same room all the time. If it is a beautiful sunny day (or even overcast) we can set up tables outside but we do have cover for everyone in case of rain.

The Art Greenhouse looked like a bomb exploded inside after the winter. It took me days to get rid of or relocate any items I wanted to keep. I vacuumed the building within an inch of it's life and sold the industrial leather sewing machine that has lived in the back for years. 

Everything is vacuumed and washed and it smelled so good in there. 

I put up a spare table with materials for the three days of workshops. Each day's workshop will have everything right there so we can sail from one activity to another. Under the table are large plastic bins for dyeing on Friday.

Here are three tables and my giant pails for indigo, water for making dye solutions and for washing out fabric. The Beneful bag holds some hand made bags for folks to take their work home.

Look at those floors shine and not a spider web or crumb in sight.


  1. Can't wait to see pix of the class! I'm sure everyone will have plenty of fun, and hopefully learn some skills they will continue to use!

    1. I'm excited too!! I am going to fill a box with samples and supplies for each class. Three weeks from today!!

  2. It looks so nice!! It would be fun to take a class from you!! Good Luck and have fun!! Pam Gonzalez

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing your class news. But on Tuesday I will go to Greece and I will come back next week, so they will miss me. Good luck!


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