25 September 2017

Batik on silk and cotton

Batik on silk and plant fibers

Choosing the perfect tool from potato mashers to wrenches

Tools in hot wax in the electric frying pan and telltale left over wax on the cotton table cover.

Silk is a great fiber to learn batiking on because it is easy to either dye or paint and thin enough to making removing the wax simple for the first time. Afterward when removing wax on heavier fibers you already know how easy it will be.

Painting on the silk scarves with fabric paints

Drying in the sun

Batik on cotton with thickened dyes below


  1. Replies
    1. Oh it was. This may mean the necessity of a trip east for you in the future!!

  2. What a wonderful beautiful time you created and shared and had!

  3. It looks like a lot of fun. Is this in your place?

    1. It was great fun. Yes, this was my place. The "Green House" was where we spent most of our time, inside and out and the other building was my very large garage (24 X 30). It was great to have so much room under cover IF it rained but we had great weather.


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