30 December 2016

The big finale

First of all, my computer crashed and burned; may it rest in peace...

I really limited my pictures because I took way too many. This first piece of fabric had the discharge paste on it and was by far the most beautiful piece done. I have included 2 detailed pictures.

This was done with the Clorox bleach pen and this is the finished product. If you don't see the circles, it is because the bleach pen did NOTHING.

This one had the Clorox toilet bowl cleaner and it worked well and fast. I think if I use the toilet bowl cleaner again, I will stop the bleaching process much sooner. In my opinion, it took too much color out - my fault.

In an effort to add a bit of color, I totally ruined this piece of fabric

Another example of not stopping soon enough but all in all it was very usable.

This piece was saved with bleach. The original was nothing but blobs of color and not in a good way.

OK, so now what am I going to do with it? I already had this project in mind when I started the add and subtract color process.  Every year I make solstice cards and after the election I wanted to make a positive statement so I selected two quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King and made bookmarks.

I got  out my roll of steam a seam and bonded the steam a seam to the backs of the printed bookmarks.

The I trimmed and cut the individual bookmarks

I think they came out well and I can give my friends a positive Solstice greeting they can use all year.

I  hope you found this colorful if not useful (smile). See you next year!!


  1. I love the quote! What a great way to end a fearful year and start afresh. Thanks for sharing, Beth - and happy new year.

  2. Hei Beth, i agree with the statement you have chosen and think everyone who receives one from you, will smile and agree with it also. Together we can spread love and make thenworld a better place. Thank you for sharing your work on this blog and best wishes for the new year-

  3. The quote is perfect for our times. It was fun watching these come together.


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