26 December 2016

Adding color

My dear friend Judith and I have experimented with line for a few years. We have had marginal success. I decided to take these three fabric and add color using line. What type of line depended on the fabric.

First I mixed up some print paste (Thick SH from ProChem)

Next I added a knife tips worth of dye to my hair coloring bottles which have nice nozzles.

I laid out my fabric on plastic. I really only did this because I just bought that green cutting mat  and haven't even made one cut on it yet. One of the plastic runners is from IKEA and has bumpies on one side. That was the side I placed up (happy accident)

Next I sprayed the fabric with soda ask thinking it would dry quickly - WRONG

I became impatient and applies the thickened dyes. These are the end results, washed and ironed. The top pic is the back and the bottom pic the front

This was the happy accident. These are both front pictures. Look at those cool grape like bubbles along the line. The bumpies on the plastic runner created those cool circles.

This started with such promise but the still damp fabric caused the dyes to spread - UGH.

 Front above and back below. How can this be saved???

Both sides are awful. This was supposed to be writing but the damp fabric spread the dye. a disaster?????? Wait and see.....


  1. A disaster is an opportunity most times.

  2. love the way it turned out, such a nice experiment!

  3. The fabric was damp so I tried it on dry pre-treated fabric and it wicked out again. I have used thickened dyes to write with no wicking so it must be the viscosity of the print paste.

  4. A disaster in your hands is always an opportunity.


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