28 December 2016

Taking away the color

There are so many ways to remove color. I was totally planning on using discharge paste. I knew the design I wanted to create but how to do it with Discharge paste; it had to dry completely before ironing. Patience isn't one of my virtues but "thrift" is. I imagined cramming a $30. jar of discharge paste into a tube. I think I have a better idea.

I got this idea from Jane Dunnewold years ago. As I was pulling it off my shelf, it accidentally squirted on this corner of the fabric. I waited and watched. I didn't have to wait long. I LIKED it!!

I went on a squirting attack since only one of the fabrics came out of the dye line process with any hope.

This should be interesting

This was the WORST failure of all - just globs and blobs of color.

Now for the fabric I liked the best with the grape bubbles along the line. I would try discharge paste on large bubble wrap and presse it on like a stamp.

I laid the fabric down one the bubble wrap and pressed the bits of discharge paste into the fabric.

You can see the damp spots of discharge paste coming through the fabric

This was one final experiement. Clorox bleach pen.

The final reveal Friday


  1. And again exciting experiments with nice results, Beth. I use white vinegar in a spray bottle to stop the bleaching process, works nice. Thereafter I wash the fabric.

  2. Is it Friday, yet?? Looking forward to the results.


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