19 December 2016

Riffing on an inspiration

I was going to do this week on fusing but while preparing I went off the rails. What I now want to present is a way of using fusing to do fabric "sketches".
A couple of years ago I took a workshop at the Crow Barn with Terry Jarrard-Dimond. She asked us to bring an inspiration and I brought a huge book of photos of Andy Goldworthy's work. I can't imagine anyone more inspirational than him. The photo I used is in the book, "Andy Goldsworthy, a Collaboration with Nature".

Photo by Andy Goldsworthy

I made this quickly cutting and fusing. The women in the class were surprised I turned out four pieces in one day. Fusing made that possible.

So where do I go from there?

And there

And there?


  1. A very interesting idea! I want to ask you something, what are those small sticks glued? they are from yarn or textile?

    1. I just found the book and have the actual photo I used as an inspiration. It was fabric with iron on bonding mesh like vliesofix (Wonder Under) then I cut them very thin with a rotary cutter laid them out and ironed them down - quick and easy!!

    2. If you click on the photo two times it will magnify and you can clearly see the thin fabric strips.

  2. Wow Beth - I really like what you did with this technique. Love the colours and the way you played with the design elements. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I really like this!! Cool Beans as my sister always said!! Love the colors you picked too. Thanks for sharing. Pam Gonzalez

  4. Simply wonderful.


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