05 December 2016

Machine Needle Felting

I will be showing four different techniques during December. I tried to think of something interesting but if nothing else, it will be colorful.

I'd like to start with machine needle felting. Today I will show you the materials I will be using.

This is a small piece of 100% wool quilt batting. I dyed it with acid dyes

Now you will really hate me. I bought over 50 balls of roving plus a bag of silk roving from a woman in Florida for about $50.00. I know.

These are the bags that I will be using. The silk roving is in the lower left bag.

I used both the fuzzy fibers as well as the curly ones.

I felted with Sari yarn and ended up breaking a needle. I decided to couch it after that

This some really beautiful limey olive roving.

Tomorrow I will talk about the process.


  1. Oh, now I see this place, I already commented by e-mail. Love to see more of what you are planning!

  2. I could never hate you.....even if I wish I'd found that lady in Florida, first. What a great deal. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.


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