27 June 2016

Transperse dyes

I was going through a ten year old sketchbook this morning and came across two sheets of paper I had painted with transperse dyes. I did these years ago and just for kicks I wanted to see if they were still viable. I found a piece of 100% polyester satin and ironed away. The heat from the iron causes the chemicals in the paint to turn to gas and become deposited on the fabric.

Of course these images were once very highly pigmented. I may paint right over the images I have and try again. I feel some hand quilting coming on.

On another note I was so surprised how many things in my sketchbook I have incorporated into my working life and how many things I thought were so cool I see now as very elementary. 


  1. Wow, Beth... these are gorgeous!

  2. Nice, Beth! I don't know about these dyes. But isn't it illuminating to see how far we have come?!

  3. Was the print you took a second print, if so could this be why they were not as bright as you were expecting. I have pages of papers prepared some time ago ready for use whenever I might suddenly need them. So your post is of great interest to me

  4. Beautiful images. It's interesting to see how we've grown and changed.


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