24 June 2016

Felted Cuff

This summer at the "Maine Event" we are having a short felting workshop presented by Janine, my new friend from Ontario who recently moved here. We are also having a workshop on adding stitch to our work as well as some beading. Then I thought if people wanted to, they could practice their stitch and beading on their felted piece. 
In that vein, I decided to get a piece of felted scrap out of my basket and make a cuff. This scrap is felted wool with silk chiffon felted on to it. I cut it into somewhat of a "cuff shape" and got to work. 

First I stitched in a shisha mirror. Then I couched some sari yarn on the cuff and around the mirror.

I stitched these beads on using the fly stitch.

Then I picked out some beads from my huge bead stash. I used a larger cobalt bead to stitch the edges with a blanket stitch 

I had some two toned flat round beads that looked like they were raku. After that I made some dangley beads and called it good.

This is a Velcro closure


  1. Beautiful work! Nice way to show off your stitching and beading skills!

  2. What a nice cuff you made, beautiful beading and embroidery, my compliments Beth!

  3. What a gorgeous transformation, Beth!!!!! Thanks for sharing the process.

  4. Just lovely and the detail photos are so good.

  5. First, let me mention that I like the way you store your impressive bead collection. Second, the cuff is exquisite.


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