06 June 2016

A NEED for dyeing

Is it bad taste to discuss our chemical dependence (on MX dyes)? My partner, Brian wanted new pillow cases for his four, yes four, pillows. I accommodated with pleasure. I bought a new set of double bed sheets and four pillow cases. I washed them all together and just picked out 4 pillow cases to dye. Guess what? One didn't want to dye in spite of he fact that the tag said 100% cotton. What a pest.

Soaking in water

Dye added and you can see the troublemaker on the upper left.

These look a big more anemic than they really turned out which was very nice.


  1. Every once in awhile, I get something that is cotton that resists the dye. Sometimes, I think they put a finish on the fabric to resist staining, and that blocks the dyes. Still, pale blue isn't bad!

  2. There's always one in the crowd...lol. They turned out beautifully.


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