03 June 2016

Hand made cards

OK so I am milking it trying to make it til next week when I get the immobilizer off my arm. Still these are nice projects.

These are 2 of 3 cards I made when I lived in Portland (Maine) 16 years ago. I have already sent on to my cousin who had heart surgery and these two will be going to Little Rock  too. Aren't they nice?

This one has a leathery look paper with corrugated copper foil, copper wire mesh and embossed copper foil.

This one has thin cork, hand made paper, curvy corrugated paper, and corrugated copper foil.


  1. Beautiful! I love the different textures in the bottom one... would love to try playing with some of those! They would look lovely framed...

  2. I like your ideas, very interesting! combinations of different materials and textures look great.

  3. i think it's nice to give new life to our art from the past...immobilizer off, Yay!

  4. They're gorgeous. Glad you're getting the immobilizer off next week.


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