17 June 2016

Cleaning up the paint

After finishing the boring beige tape piece, I still had quite a bit of acrylic paint left on my palette. I had on the side of my table a monoprint I did on the vegetarian gelli plate. Sometimes things just need to hang around a bit until an idea comes to mind. I decided to use the "background" painting technique to use up the paints and glazing medium left behind. The first thing I pullout out was the monoprint.

I used up all the paint on my palette but still needed more to finish off this piece.

I will be working back into this again 

This was a scrap of tracing paper that I used to try to "pick up" paint left on the Gelli plate. The artist's version of toilet paper (smile) 

This may end up in pieces on the monoprint. I'll see what strikes me.


  1. The clean up is very striking.

  2. Lovely papers. They will fit in an artjournal!

  3. I love the way you clean up.


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