16 March 2016

Marcella's exercises

Here I go! Notice the exquisite pencil case!

This first exercise is going to take some thought readjusting, for me.  Here is why...During my teaching days, I "developed" a couple of lesson plans that are very similar to this, and I did these from kindergarten to 8th grade. BTW every age had a blast doing this! One was eventually dubbed, Mrs. C's Quirky Creatures, and it was just like the 1st exercise, but after they connected the dots they would look at it from different angles, and then find the features of "a creature". Here is a before and after. Imagine the spaces filled with pattern and color, and maybe a few more features.

So, long story short...I don't think you will want to post these, because it may not seem like I'm serious about this process, but then again, this is supposed  to be fun and serve as warm up's right?! Hopes this makes you laugh...it's a reminder for me to not take myself so seriously!

Here is a before/after

​The black lines are the initial connect the dots/then the pencil lines...

​Here is the final...feels like doodling...But fun! 


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