11 March 2016

Marcella started it

I think you are all familiar with my three "art" friends. Judith is my artistic muse, Janine is the new kid on the block and Marcella I have known for years. She was an art teacher most of her life and falls into the "paper" category for the most part. She has gotten me interested in paper and I have gotten her a bit into fabric. No matter what the subject, when I teach a workshop, Marcella is there. And that is how this all started - Marcella is there, in Florida til the spring. She emails frequently and lately mentioned a book she is "playing" with. I got the book as well and thought I would work on the exercises along with her.

Last night I stitched up a new sketchbook just for these experiments. I will mention Marcella taught me how to make books as well as the paste paper I use to cover them. Thanks Marcella!

This is the book I will be using. So none of these ideas are mine but I will share my "take" on them and maybe you will play along. This isn't a formulaic book; Do this and do that. It just has suggestions for directions to go in. I have never liked "Buy my book and I will show you how to make art like mine" books. Reminds me of a workshop I took where the presenter showed the participants how to make quilts just like hers. I walked out.

This may not be your thing but anything that can help me to think creatively and get those juices flowing is worth a try in my estimation.


  1. Ooh, this looks like fun. I can't do this right away, but I think I'll buy the book and play along when I can.

  2. I've made a cup of tea and I'm ready to sit back and be inspired.


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