21 March 2016

Making Chenille

This month on the FIRE blog, Helen Howes is blogging about fabric manipulation. I have done two pieces so far. The first one was 13 layers of hand dyed fabric.

This is so thick and soft. I will made an 18" square cushion using this on one side and a solid fabric on the other

This is a piece of fabric from Laura Kemshall's Fingerprint collection. She took this photo and printed the fabric with MX dyes. This particular piece is a soft cotton 9" X 9". I used 4 layers of fabric under it carefully not cutting through the last layer which is green. I will make another 18 X 18 cushion using a "frame" of solid hand dyed fabric on one side and solid on the other.


Stitch lines drawn with white pencil on the bias grain then slashed with the grain.

Washed and dried

I also have a huge 18 X 18 piece of this print on a heavy poplin and I may use that for he opposite side of he cushion. When my pillow inserts finally get here and I finish these two cushions, I'll post photos.


  1. Turned out great! Perfect application for that technique.

  2. Wonderful...I like this technique.

  3. I agree with Diane.....a perfect application for this technique.


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