23 March 2016

Janine finally made it

and we used the gelli plates. I am happy to announce that the slimy vegetarian plate from Laura Kemshall on DMTV is now perfect. I used it and it was fine, not slimy at all. I guess it just needed to "set up" a bit over time.

Just a reminder that the vegetarian plate made with Agar is 12 X 18. It is also very thick and robust.

Here is Janine printing on fabric with fabric paints on a gelatin plate I've had for about 9 months.

Below is a monoprint I made using the vegetarian plate. Yes, it is that firm.

A good time was had by all and I am hoping she can come back next week with Judith.


  1. That's a good day to have gelli!!! :)

  2. I like a such activity, too!

  3. Hope so too, for more color and joy! PS I have returned to Sketchbook Wandering! Yay and Yipee!

  4. Glad to hear the agar plate worked. Drugstore just got my glycerin order in so I am looking forward to making mine. I priced the 11x17 fell I arts plate this weekend - $75 + tax! Looked like there was fun had by all.

  5. Glad you worked out the kinks with the vegetarian plate. Great results and looks like lots of fun.

  6. I will try an agar agar plate to.Have fun whit yours.


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