09 February 2016

One more and sewing

Doll 17

Poor doll 17 has been waiting for those turquoise shorts for a week. She was catching a draft with just the sweater on. I really love the long sleeve sweaters.

 Before and after. Hard to believe it's the same doll.

I made a second peach skirt so I will be knitting another peach sweater tonight. 


  1. I think, to me, the most shocking difference is the lips. Beautifully done.

  2. Wow, wow, wow! Such a great makeover, from so distasteful and crude (IMHO) to human! I wish more of the world could convert like this, but I have no power over that, LOL!

  3. Beautiful dolls, Beth! I think it is a great joy to play as a child ... but now you're just the childish!

    1. I wonder if this reply will come to you via email?


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