02 February 2016

For a while...

I will be working on these dolls for a while. I am enjoying the process. In my past it was always about the product but now I have discovered enjoying the process almost as much as the finished products. I will just annotate the pictures without too much explanation.

The next 6. I bought five dolls just to get that redhead!!

The redhead doll is for me.

Making shoes/feet out of silicone caulk and corn starch. Dolls taped to the full cans to keep them flat until they harden.

First half dozen

All painted

I also made 2 shorts and 2 slacks out of this fine wool.

Doll 14

I knit these little sweaters in the evening while I watch TV.

Doll 12. I love both of these outfits. 


  1. These are just darling. Like you, I was once all about the end product. But now I am enjoying the journey, the process. Do ya think it has anything to do with age??? I do look at my young grand daughter and she 'knows' how to do it, lets just skip to the chase and get it. LOL

  2. I love what your doing with the dolls, those little shoes, ahhhhh....

  3. These are simply adorable and those shoes.....love them!!!

  4. As you probably know, I am in love with Process, so I am loving these. I can see why the redhead is for you!! I just love the likeability of these little people, verses a sort of monstrous appearance before. BTW, who designed those befores? And why? Do you have some history?


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