26 February 2016

Janine Postponed

And it was all my fault. I had an "emergency" doctors visit - ugh! However I am stopping at her house after the hospital and she IS coming over Saturday so in the meantime here are some ideas I had and followed through with.

I wanted to make some stamps and I had the idea exactly what I wanted. It wasn't until I was done with my little project that I realized it was another permutation of my obsession with the Drunkards Path. Hum... I feel more experiments coming on.

First I did some pencil drawings

Then I transferred them to stamp material and cut them out. Then did preliminary prints in my sketchbook to be sure I liked them.

Then I took a piece of old clean-up cloth and stamped using Pro-Brite fabric paint.

The pouncer made very textured designs on the stamps.

I used wine, brown, sage and gold paints all with micca (Pro-Brites)

I like the results.

Excess paint from pallet stamped onto a sketchbook page.


  1. Pattern and colors look great!

  2. Fun! I'm trying to work into making up some stamps... maybe I'm get the urge a little stronger now. Hope you are doing okay!

  3. I hope you're feeling ok. Your results are great, love the stamp.

  4. Love it! The process broken down...Hope you are feeling better...R

  5. ooh, take care of yourself! This is a very fun thing to help in the 'taking care' part! ;^)


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