24 February 2016

Janine is coming to play

Did I tell you about my friend Janine who moved here from Ontario Canada? Knowing she would be in the area (Mid-Coast Maine), she looked on the internet for workshops in the area and signed up for two with me. She lives ten minutes away but is busier than me so we don't see each other all that much. What a great gal and I am so happy she is my "neighbor".

Anyway, Janine is coming tomorrow and we will do some gelli printing and monoprinting. I plan on making some special stamps so stay tuned for that.

I know I said I wouldn't mention the dolls again but I fell off the wagon and bought two lots of 5 and one lot of 10 that was so cheap I really had to buy them. The ten came from Canada as well.

The basket has 16 dolls all painted and waiting for clothes. As of today only 4 are still naked. The dolls on my ironing table are the 20 new recruits. I will mention that one lot of 5 had a redhead and a dark skinned doll with an Afro. Those are mine!! The other lot of 5 had another redhead with the really long hair like the girl I have kept. Her name is Colleen. (below)

Twenty anonymous girls with no faces. Unfortunately 2 of the dolls have stitched in eye lashes in places where REAL girls don't. See the blonde just left of center. I will probably put them aside and conduct experiments on them. Below is a doll that I tried to "fix" after attempting to tear out the eye lashes.

Twenty girls who just had shampoos, conditioning and facials

WOW! Look at that Afro on the bottom left. She is such a prize.


  1. oye! You are running a sweat shop! Canada, eh!

  2. Oh Beth, I love your surface design experiments. How I wish I lived 10 minutes away so I could come play too.

  3. Enjoy your day with Janine. You've become a doll rescue, I think it's a worthy cause.


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