16 February 2016

Back to surface design

Today I made a vegetarian gelli plate. I have made gelli plates with Knox gelatin and glycerine but gelatin is made from cow hooves. This one is made with agar and much firmer than the gelatin version. This one is 12.5" X 17.5".

I recently saw this on DMTV. Since all of their processes are their intellectual property I can't share the process. I CAN however plug DMTV. It is about $100. a year US dollars and is worth much more. There are about 30 shows in the active files so watching previous shows from the oldest to the newest ensures you will be able to see them all until they are deactivated. They have a new show every week and they vary between Laura and Linda. Most workshops costs way more than a year of DMTV and I have learned SO MUCH from Laura and Linda Kemshall. Here is one from YouTube free.

Now that the dolls are awaiting homes, I am getting back to my art work. Judith is coming over Friday and we will be using the gelli plates. Thanks for the inspiration Joke!

My girl


  1. You'll certainly have a lot of fun Friday

  2. I'm impressed, you're so active! Looking forward to see the results ... I did last year I think, a Gelliplate without gelatin and alcohol. It remained usable a week then dried, well I did not kept it in the fridge ... Since you subscribed to the DMTV?

  3. A lovely girl it is certainly! Good luck with your monoprinting on the gelatin plate.
    I lately saw the movie from DMTV, nicely done and a good explanation.

  4. a vegetarian plate/ who'da thought. Must make the hair redder! lol

  5. Cool idea, using agar to make gelli plate. I'm curious to see if you'll find a difference in your prints. Love the last doll.


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