25 August 2015

It's never easy

I sat down ready to make some drapes and the Juki was having none of it. I re-threaded it and it worked less well. I tried to find the owners manual so I could go through the step by step directions and I couldn't find ANY of my owners manuals. I got out the Brother, my old stalwart stand by; never lets me down. The shaft for the foot was missing. I sold my huge Brother Innovis embroidery machine and I guess I gave them one foot too many. I went on eBay and bought a new one. It was only $6. but I would have to wait. UGH!

Later that afternoon I started to put away the small boxes in which I keep attachments. I decided to go through all the boxes of attachments again and low and behold under a serger net was the sad lonely shaft laying on it's side. Quick like a bunny, I attached a foot to the shaft and started to sew.

See my cute felted pin cushion (face)? My friend Katherine made it for me.

What beautiful silk and the drapes really do the trick.


  1. I love your new creativity room!

  2. What a lovely colors! And oh, I regocnize what happened. If you can't find it, you always find it after you bought a new one!
    I hope everything goes well with you!

  3. Smashing. Proves you can't keep an improviser down long!!! :)

  4. Such color, such light! So now YOU have one foot too many?

  5. The drapes look wonderful...I love the colors.


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